Storage Containers of Memphis

Portable Storage Units in Memphis, TN

All shipping containers are basically large, weather-proof steel containers used to transport and store freight all over the world, but overtime shipping containers have accrued various other names as well. One such name is Conex containers, which is actually a French company which is responsible for producing, designing and building these gigantic containers. The basic construction of shipping containers consists of a metal body with walls and floors made from welded steel, so that they are quite resistant against damage from inclement weather as well as vandalism, but the metal body needs to be painted with a protective paint before it is assembled, which gives it a distinctive design and makes it easier to locate. Another important aspect of shipping containers which are unique to this type of container is that its interior is completely insulated, meaning that even the tiniest amount of heat will not affect its functioning. In addition, Conex also uses heavy duty galvanized hinges and latches in order to make the container’s interiors waterproof, so that even when they are exposed to elements like rain and moisture, they remain operational for long.

Containers Sizes

Shipping containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the type of cargo to be transported and the distance to be travelled so that they can house practically any item that can fit into them. Smaller containers, which can hold up to 200 kilograms of goods, are commonly known as flatbeds while the larger ones known as palletized or stacked boxes are used for transporting products that require extra support, such as furniture. Another variety of container used for storage is the wheelbarrow, which is a piece of metal tubing that has a flat bottom and a handle on one side, enabling people to pull the container using one arm while placing goods to use another. This makes it easier for packing and moving goods, and also makes it safer for employees to move the containers around. For extremely large loads, such as those required to carry huge amounts of raw materials, forklifts are used instead of forklifts. We suggest renting or buying your container from storage containers Memphis TN.

Types of Containers

Conventional and intermodal containers can be purchased from a number of sources including brick and mortar depots and via specialized internet websites. Some specialty companies even offer custom-built containers of specific sizes to meet individual needs. These are also available in standard sizes that are commonly used in domestic and commercial applications.

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